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In addition to our commitment to speech therapy, we also offer comprehensive occupational therapy services. We recognize that many children may face challenges beyond speech and language, which can impact their overall development. Our team is here to support your child's growth and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

If your child struggles with gross motor skills, visual motor integration skills, visual perception skills, coordinated movements, reduced strength in trunk or limbs, or modulating their level of arousal for activities, our occupational therapy services can be highly beneficial. We work closely with children to enhance their sensory processing, improve their balance, attention, listening skills, organization, and even their handwriting.


Our occupational therapy programs are designed to create a caring, warm, friendly, and personable environment where children can feel comfortable and supported. We believe that a nurturing setting is essential for fostering growth and development. Our therapists utilize evidence-based techniques and tailor interventions to suit the unique needs and goals of each individual.

We prioritize individualized child development opportunities. We understand that every child has their own strengths, challenges, and learning style. Our team takes a personalized approach to therapy, focusing on the specific needs of your child to ensure that they receive the highest quality of care. We strive to create a positive and engaging experience for each child, fostering their confidence and allowing them to reach their full potential.


We understand that developmental differences can be confusing, concerning, and even possibly alarming. We are here to reassure you that you are not alone. Our process is designed to alleviate your stress, offer practical solutions, and help you navigate through these new and challenging situations. Our cumulative experience provides a “playbook” that will guide our collaborative process and allow your child to grow into a strong, successful, and confident young adult.  

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